Krista and Carly Family Photos

Krista and her beautiful daughter Carly. Family photos are so fun and can be a breeze if they are more interactive and not paying attention to the camera.

Krista Carly One Year Collage

Pretty matching white dresses are so great for photos. If you want great family photos, wear solid colours and in tones that match. It makes the focus on the people more prominent.

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Birthday Girl!!

Little Miss Carly!! Oh my she was just as precious as can be!! I love her smile and her tottering around. I can’t believe that she will be two in a few more months. This is her One Year photo shoot. She got the chair and toys as pressies at her party. 


She was so tired, but put up a good face for the camera. Always smiling and happy. They only thing she got mad at was her mom wouldn’t let her touch the bulbs in my lights. Although they were fluorescence and not too hot, it was good she listened. 

Balloon Festival

I absolutely loved this time of year. The cool weather and the great gatherings of people. We decided to go to the Balloon Festival they hold in Statesville, NC.

Hot Air Balloon Festival, Statesville, NC

These magnificent, large, hot air balloons were flying all day, but the real show doesn’t happen until the sun falls. They call it the moonglow. If I am remembering correctly. Loved it. The large balls of contained fire and light lit up the crowd.

It’s possible to be so mesmerised that you forget to snap the photos.

If you would like to go I provided a link above and here. It is going to be October 19-21, 2012

Bridal Portraits

This is a retro shoot, but hey I’m trying to build a blog here 😀

Last year I had the opportunity to shoot this lovely young lady. She is dressed in a beautiful cupcake gown from Ross’s… that’s right it was from Ross’s! Being related to her I know 😀 and I actually helped pick it out. Fun times were had. I even became her makeup artist for the shoot as well.


Bridal Shoot and What Nots were had there. I think we even wound up in the pool at one point. Several shots around the pond as well. The small family farm provided the best backdrop.

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First Post: Inspiration

Step One:

That’s always the hardest part; getting started. I mean how well you write isn’t the main factor. It’s how much your information and words touch someone else. Well, here goes to an awesome start to a blog of mine and my adventures as a photographer.

As most are aware at this point, I’m Ashley. I have been a self proclaimed photographer for three years. I first picked up a camera when I was 11, but never took the time and learned how to actually use it. After I left home for college, I realized I loved photos and invested in my first digital camera! Boy, did I look high and low for a deal on something I thought would make me happy and I found it. Kodak. Yep that quintessential brand name that everyone knows and loves. Too bad about them going bankrupt. *raises eyebrows here* Man was that camera my favorite. I believe I took over 1000 photos in a week. Not that they were stellar by any means but they were images that documented my life and how I love to live.

As time flew by I left college and moved from town to town looking for something that inspired me. Life lead me to my husband and we had a daughter. With every moment I found that photography was my passion. It lit me up in ways I had never imagined.

As for being professional… it’s not easy but I love it. Now I am starting this blog to help me document the feeling before, during, and or after a session. This way I won’t lose those precious memories by just posting them to a portfolio and possibly losing myself in the work instead of remembering the inspiration that lead me here.