impromptu photo session


My family and I were at a beach on Harper’s Creek in Caldwell County. We met a family there and they had left their camera. Me having my trusty camera always snapped away as the day wore on. We exchanged emails and we went on our way.

Such a nice family and this little boy was NOT afraid of water!! Whats so ever! He would just push his head down under the water and come up not missing a beat. One instance he never let go of a rock when he surfaced. He loved swimming around with his daddy. And loved wearing his hat in the sun.

I’m just so glad I always drag my camera out and about!!

Photographer tip: always bring along a camera. Whether cell phone or point and shoot or dare I say it… your dslr!! You never know when you will catch a raelre opportunity or just be there when someone forgot a camera. Click click! Cheese!!

As always,


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