Respect the photographer


I often find funny but true pictures like this one. It isn’t just about the hour or so taking the picture. It IS a business… and I have to have a business licence and insurance. And a lot more costs to add to the business aspect of it. I would say this photo (I do not know who made it originally) is accurate in the actual work that is done outside of the “session” I have many many requests for my prices and every time I never hear from them again. Sure it hurts a little, but I can’t sell myself short just to please those wanting “cheap portraits” I pride myself in the few clients I have had the pleasure to serve. I do love what I do, and as the poster says…. “that love won’t pay the bills” Photographer tip: never ever sell yourself short or lower prices just to please some people. If you truely and honestly want a legitimate business then you need to take the time to figure out how much it cost to run said business. There are plenty of resources and free help on forums. I even think the small business bureau (in America) has free video classes. As always, Ashley


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