First Post: Inspiration

Step One:

That’s always the hardest part; getting started. I mean how well you write isn’t the main factor. It’s how much your information and words touch someone else. Well, here goes to an awesome start to a blog of mine and my adventures as a photographer.

As most are aware at this point, I’m Ashley. I have been a self proclaimed photographer for three years. I first picked up a camera when I was 11, but never took the time and learned how to actually use it. After I left home for college, I realized I loved photos and invested in my first digital camera! Boy, did I look high and low for a deal on something I thought would make me happy and I found it. Kodak. Yep that quintessential brand name that everyone knows and loves. Too bad about them going bankrupt. *raises eyebrows here* Man was that camera my favorite. I believe I took over 1000 photos in a week. Not that they were stellar by any means but they were images that documented my life and how I love to live.

As time flew by I left college and moved from town to town looking for something that inspired me. Life lead me to my husband and we had a daughter. With every moment I found that photography was my passion. It lit me up in ways I had never imagined.

As for being professional… it’s not easy but I love it. Now I am starting this blog to help me document the feeling before, during, and or after a session. This way I won’t lose those precious memories by just posting them to a portfolio and possibly losing myself in the work instead of remembering the inspiration that lead me here.